About Us

Telexis has developed software for over 20 years. We believe that good design is based on excellent user interface design and thorough testing of the final product. Our development and testing departments work together to produce products they are proud of, and are used worldwide.

What We Do

Software Development

Developing and supporting business productivity software used worldwide is the core of our business. For over 20 years we have helped businesses manage their organizations by creating products they use everyday, such our award winning PHONEslips, GroupReady, and MyClient Folder.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications on iOS and Android are a must in the current business market. Our apps work with desktop and cloud based applications, keeping you in touch with what is important at all times.

Website Development

Our experience in developing websites makes us one of the top developers in Tucson. We specialize in consulting and working with marketing firms and implementing their designs, while also working directly with businesses to design their website visions.